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Supplementary comparison CCR(IK)-S2 of standards for absorbed dose to water Co-60 gamma radiation at radiation processing dose levels



Marc F. Desrosiers, D T. Burns, P J. Allisy-Roberts, P H. Sharpe, M. Pimpinella, V. Lourenco, Y. L Zhang, A Miller, V Generalova, V. Sochor


Eight national standards or absorbed dose to water in Co-60 gamma radiation at the dose levels used in radiation processing have been compared over the range from 1 kGy to 30 kGy using the alanine dosimeters of the NIST and the NPL as the transfer dosimeters. The comparison was organized by the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures, who also participated at the lowest dose level using their radiotherapy-level standard for the same quantity. The national standards are in general agreement within the standard uncertainties, which are in the range from 1 to 2 parts in 10x2. Evidence of a dose rate effect is presented and discussed briefly.


alanine, comparison, dosimeter, dosimetry, electron paramagnetic resonance, gamma ray, ionizing radiation
Created July 25, 2011, Updated August 13, 2018