Summary of Workshop on Global Overview of Large Outdoor Fire Standards

Published: February 04, 2019


Samuel L. Manzello


Large outdoor fires have the potential to negatively impact the built environment. Wildland fires that spread into communities, known as wildland-urban interface (WUI) fires have become a global problem. Large urban fires, including those that have occurred after earthquakes are another example of large outdoor fires. Once a WUI fire reaches a community, a large urban fire may develop. Presentations were delivered related to national and regional summaries from across the globe of large outdoor fire standards intended to make communities less vulnerable to these fires. Understanding from these national and regional summaries will be used as a basis for future standardization work on this topic in ISO TC92.
Citation: Special Publication (NIST SP) - 1235
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Large Outdoor Fires, WUI Fires, Urban Fires
Created February 04, 2019, Updated February 04, 2019