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Summary of the Discussions Following each Session of the 6th Service Life Prediction of Polymer Materials: Over the Horizon meeting held in Santa Fe, NM, March 2-24-2016.



Christopher C. White


During March 20th to 24th, 2016, over 50 engineers and scientists from across the globe attended the sixth annual Service Life Prediction of Polymer Materials Conference at the Hilton Santa Fe in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Many of their presentations have formed the basis of the materials presented in the previous chapters. The meeting was divided into morning and evening sessions. Each session focused on a particular subject and following the presentations, a vigorous discussion by the entire assembly was held. The goal of these discussions was to assess what is known in the field, what is the current state-of -the-art and what are the unmet research needs related to service life prediction. This chapter encapsulates the spirit and content of these discussions.
Service Life Prediction of Polymers and Plastics Exposed to Outdoor Weathering
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Elsevier, Cambridge, MA


Santa Fe, Service Life Prediction, conference, degradation, modeling
Created November 8, 2017, Updated October 22, 2018