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Structure, ferromagnetic resonance and permeability of nanogranular fe-Co-B-Ni films



Pasquale Massimo, Celegato Federica, Coisson Marco, Magni Alessandro, Perero Sergio, Pavel Kabos, Teppati Valeria, Han Suk Hee, Kim Jongryoul, Lim Sang Ho


The static and microwave magnetic properties of soft nanogranular (Fe0.7)Co0.3)71B22Ni films with a 2T saturation magnetization are presented as a function of thickness, ranging from 135 to 235 nm. Microwave permeability values from 10 to 50 are measured and FMR frequencies up to 6.8 GHz are found using a Vector Network Analyzer, connected to coplanar/microstrip structures loaded with the ferromagnetic films. Topographic and magnetic structures down to 20-40 nm were observed by atomic/magnetic force microscopy. The combination of reasonable values of the permeability and high ferromagnetic resonance frequency makes these nanogranular materials useful in the development of novel inductive microwave components.
Journal of Applied Physics


ferromagnetic resonance, thin magnetic films, granular films, magnetic susceptibility, vector network analyzer measurements.


Massimo, P. , Federica, C. , Marco, C. , Alessandro, M. , Sergio, P. , Kabos, P. , Valeria, T. , Suk Hee, H. , Jongryoul, K. and Sang Ho, L. (2006), Structure, ferromagnetic resonance and permeability of nanogranular fe-Co-B-Ni films, Journal of Applied Physics (Accessed March 1, 2024)
Created May 15, 2006, Updated October 12, 2021