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Structural Study of Ba11Fe8Ti9O41 by X-Ray Diffraction



T Siegrist, C Svensson, Terrell A. Vanderah, Robert S. Roth


The crystal structure of Ba11Fe8Ti9O41 was determined using single-crystal and powder X-ray diffraction nethods. This new phase crystallizes in the hexagonal space group P63/mmc (No 194) (a=5.7506(3) , c=61.413(2) ; Z=2; Pcalc=5.75 g/cm3) and exhibits a 26-layer structure built from close-packed [O,(Ba,O)] layers with a stacking sequence (chcchchchcchc)2. Octahedral sites are occupied by a mixture of Fe3+ and Ti4+, with some preferential ordering of the Fe ions, and tetrahedral sites are occupied by Fe3+. The magnetic Fe ions were observed to concentrate within four contiguous cp layers around z= and . Unusual structural features, including cation disorder associated with unreasonably short cation-cation separations, were observed to occur within these magnetic sections of the structure. Indexed X-ray powder diffraction data for polycrystalline Ba11Fe8Ti9O41 are given. Complementary structural studies of this compound using neutron and electron diffraction are underway and will be described elsewhere along with the results of dielectric and magnetic property measurements.
Solid State Sciences
No. 5


Barium iron titanium oxide, crystal structure x-ray diffraction


Siegrist, T. , Svensson, C. , Vanderah, T. and Roth, R. (2000), Structural Study of Ba<sub>11</sub>Fe<sub>8</sub>Ti<sub>9</sub>O<sub>41</sub> by X-Ray Diffraction, Solid State Sciences (Accessed April 21, 2024)
Created August 31, 2000, Updated October 12, 2021