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Structural Studies of Pulsed-Laser-Deposited Ba4Fe4Ti3016 Oxide Films



Leonid A. Bendersky, R Maier, J L. Cohn, J J. Neumeier


In this paper the pulsed laser deposition on single-crystal Mg0 substrates of Ba(sub4)Fe(sub4)Ti(sub3)0(sub16) target has been studied by TEM and x-ray diffraction. For [100] and [111] orientations of the substrate, the initial stage of the deposition results in the formation of the perovskite Ba(Fe,Ti)0(sub3) phase. This phase forms epitaxially on a cube-on-cube orientational relationship with the substrates. Further growth of the pseudo-cubic pahse is interrupted by the formation of oriented grains with a disordered structure. This disordered structure has a mixture of lamellae of the cubic and hexagonal Ba(Fe,Ti)0(sub3) phases. No formation of the Ba(sub4)Fe(sub4)Ti(sub3)0(sub16) (E) phase or magnetite-type layers was observed. Formation of the textured disordered phase is explained by the higher stability of hexagonal Ba(Fe,Ti)0(sub3) where accommodation of Fe(superscript3+) occurs on a twinning plane. The development of the V-shape morphology and a limited number of orientations of the D structure are explained by the faceting and columnar morphology of the perovskite phase.
Journal of Materials Research
No. 6


Ba(Fe, Ti)0(sub3), high-resolution TEM, pulsed laser deposition, thin film


Bendersky, L. , Maier, R. , Cohn, J. and Neumeier, J. (2000), Structural Studies of Pulsed-Laser-Deposited Ba<sub>4</sub>Fe<sub>4</sub>Ti<sub>3</sub>0<sub>16</sub> Oxide Films, Journal of Materials Research (Accessed July 14, 2024)


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Created June 1, 2000, Updated February 17, 2017