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Structural Signatures of Varification in Hard Core Fluids



S K. Kumar, Jack F. Douglas, Francis W. Starr, S Garde


We investigate the capacities of local measures of free volume in liquids to predict basic aspects of the fluids state- the formation of a liquid from a gas, complex 'caged' fluid dynamics and vitrification. Specifically, we investigate the capacity of the 'rattle' free volume (the volume swept out by the particle holding others fixed and cavity free volume. These quantities can be estimateds by quasi-elastic neutron scattering and positron annihilation spectroscopy. The rattle and cavity free volumes extrapolate to zero at random close packing where experimental data predicts an extropolation of the viscosity to infinity. The caging density is identified by the point where spontaneous void formation no longer occurs as a random event.
Abstracts Of Papers Of The American Chemical Society


chemical potential, hard discs, hard spheres, particle itsertion, rattle volume cavity volume, vitrifcation random close packing


Kumar, S. , Douglas, J. , Starr, F. and Garde, S. (2003), Structural Signatures of Varification in Hard Core Fluids, Abstracts Of Papers Of The American Chemical Society (Accessed April 21, 2024)
Created August 31, 2003, Updated October 12, 2021