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Structural Phase Transitions on Nickel at the Curie Temperature



J Hamilton, Terrence J. Jach


It is observed that a reversible step period rearrangement on clean nickel single-crystal surfaces occurs in the immediate vicinity of the Curie temperature. Reversible carbon segregation is observed on the same crystal surfaces below the Curie point. The segregated carbon is carbidic, not graphitic, and indicates a change in the nickel surface electronic structure occurring at the ferromagnetic transition. Measured carbon coverages indicate a change greater than 0.2 eV per carbon atom in the heat of segregation at the Curie point.
Physical Review Letters


Hamilton, J. and Jach, T. (1981), Structural Phase Transitions on Nickel at the Curie Temperature, Physical Review Letters (Accessed June 24, 2024)


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Created March 15, 1981, Updated October 12, 2021