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Structural, Magnetic, and Magnetocaloric Properties (Hf0.83Ta0.17)Fe2+x Materials



J F. Herbst, C D. Fuerst, Robert McMichael


We have investigated the sensitivity of structural, magnetic, and magnetocaloric properties of (Hf0.83Ta0.17)Fe2+x Alloys (x = -0.18, -0.09, -0.02, 0.00, 0.09, 0.26) to Fe content. As-cast samples for all x consist essentially exclusively of hexagonal MgZn2-type material. Via magnetization and differential scanning calorimetry measurements we find that all the alloys except x=0.26 feature both a ferromagnetic->antiferromagnetic (FM->AFM) transition at temperature Toand a Neel transition. The most abrupt FM->AFM transition occurs in the x=-0.02 material which also exhibits the lowest To and largest low-temperature moment. We report a magnetocaloric property, the field-induced entropy change δS, for the x=0.00 and x= 0.09 alloys.
Journal of Applied Physics
No. 8


magnetic, magnetocaloric properties, structural


Herbst, J. , Fuerst, C. and McMichael, R. (1996), Structural, Magnetic, and Magnetocaloric Properties (Hf<sub>0.83</sub>Ta<sub>0.17</sub>)Fe<sub>2+x</sub> Materials, Journal of Applied Physics (Accessed March 5, 2024)
Created March 31, 1996, Updated October 12, 2021