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Structural, chemical, electrical and thermal properties of n-type NbFeSb



Dean Hobbis, Raphael P. Hermann, Hsin Wang, David S. Parker, Tribhuwan Pandey, Joshua B. Martin, Katharine L. Page, George S. Nolas


We report on the structural, chemical, electrical and thermal properties of n-type polycrystalline NbFeSb synthesized by induction melting of the elements. Although several studies on p-type conduction of this half-Heusler composition have recently been reported, including reports of relatively high thermoelectric properties, very little has been reported on the transport properties of n-type compositions. We combine transport property investigations together with short- and long-range structural data obtained by Mössbauer spectroscopy of iron-57 and antimony-121 and by neutron total scattering, as well as first principles calculations, in investigating the intrinsic properties of this material. This work is intended to provide a greater understanding of the fundamental properties of NbFeSb as this material continues to be of interest for potential thermoelectric applications.
Inorganic Chemistry


thermoelectric, half-Heusler, transport properties, Mossbauer, first principles
Created January 26, 2019, Updated October 9, 2019