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Strongly Inhibited Transport of a Degenerate 1D Bose Gas in a Lattice



C Fertig, K M. O'Hara, J H. Huckans, S L. Rolston, William D. Phillips, James V. Porto


We report the observation of strongly damped dipole oscillations of a quantum degenerate 1D atomic Bose gas in a combined harmonic and optical lattice potential. Damping is significant for very shallow axial lattices (0.25 photon recoil energies), and increases dramatically with increasing lattice depth, such that the gas becomes nearly immobile for times an order of magnitude longer than the single-particle tunneling time. Surprisingly, we see no broadening of the atomic quasimomentum distribution after damped motion. Recent theoretical work suggests that quantum fluctuations can strongly damp dipole oscillations of 1D atomic Bose gas, providing a possible explanation for our observations.
Physical Review Letters
94 No. 12


dynamic properties of condensates, laser cooling and trapping, quantum phase transitions, quantum transport, superfluid flow
Created April 1, 2005, Updated February 17, 2017