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Strong coupling of single emitters interacting with phononic infrared antennae



Ruben Esteban, Javier Aizpurua, Garnett W. Bryant


A single emitter can couple with an electromagnetic mode excited in dielectric cavities or metallic particles. In a similar manner, it can couple with a phononic mode supported by a nearby infrared antenna. We consider an emitter with a sufficiently large dipolar moment and a SiC bowtie structure supporting strongly localized phononic modes. We show that vacuum Rabi oscillations and large spectral anticrossing are possible, indicating that the emitter-phononic system is in the strong coupling regime. Dephasing degrades the response remarkably little, and, as expected for a quantum but not for a classical formalism, the frequency of the vacuum Rabi oscillations depends on the initial state. We also discuss the possibility of exciting hybrid modes with contributions from the emitter and from more than one of the phononic modes supported by the antenna. Phononic structures appear attractive to study such complex hybridization, as they can support in a relatively small spectral window several strongly confined modes with quality factors larger than one hundred.
New Journal of Physics


excitons, infrared nanoantennas, localized phonon modes, Rabi oscillations
Created January 30, 2014, Updated September 20, 2019