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Strong Competition between Orbital-ordering and Itinerancy in a Frustrated Spinel Vanadate



J. Ma, J. H. Lee, S. E. Hahn, Tao Hong, H. B Cao, A. A. Aczel, Z. L. Dun, M. B. Stone, W. Tian, Yiming Qiu, John R. Copley, H. D. Zhou, R. S. Fishman, M. Matsuda


The crossover from localized- to itinerant-electron behavior is associated with many intriguing phenomena such as metal-insulator transitions [1], colossal magnetoresistance [2], and superconductivity in heavy fermion [3] and Fe-based materials [4]. Likewise, the suppression of itinerancy in frustrated systems also creates various exotic phases [5]. We report the novel phase transitions driven by the competition between orbital ordering (OO) and itinerancy in the furstrated spinel system Mn1-xCoxV2O4. Although the electronic itinerancy induced by Co doping [7,8] is expected to produce paramagnetic behavior[6], neutron-scattering measurements and first-principles-guided spin wave models reveal a novel mechanism for the observed non-collinear (NC) magnetic phase. While the OO on the V3+ sites is melted by itinerancy, the frustration associated with the induced magnetic and structural isotropies generates a strong NC ferrimagnet. Hence, this spinel system provides new insight into the competition between OO, local anisotropy, and magnetic frustration at the boundary between localized and itinerant behaviors.
Physical Review B


frustrated spinel vanadate, orbital-ordering, itinerancy


Ma, J. , Lee, J. , Hahn, S. , Hong, T. , Cao, H. , Aczel, A. , Dun, Z. , Stone, M. , Tian, W. , Qiu, Y. , Copley, J. , Zhou, H. , Fishman, R. and Matsuda, M. (2015), Strong Competition between Orbital-ordering and Itinerancy in a Frustrated Spinel Vanadate, Physical Review B, [online], (Accessed May 29, 2024)


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Created January 25, 2015, Updated October 12, 2021