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Strict Limit on In-Plane Ordered Magnetic Dipole Moment in URu2Si2



Kathryn Aileen Ross, Leland Weldon Harriger, Z. Yamani, W. J. L. Buyers, J.D. Garrett, A.A. Menovsky, J.A. Mydosh, Collin L. Broholm


Neutron diffraction is used to examine the polarization of weak static antiferromagnetism in high quality single crystalline URu2Si2. As previously documented, elastic Bragg-like diffraction develops for temperature Τ HO = 17.5 K at q = (100) but not at wave vector transfer q = (001). The peak width indicates correlation lengths ξc = 230(12) A and ξc = 240(15) A. The integrated intensity of the Τ-dependent peaks corresponds to a sample averaged c-oriented staggered moment of υc = 0.0221(1)υB at τ = 1.7 K. The absence of τ-dependent diffraction at q = (001) places a limit υ υ on an f - or d-orbital based in-plane staggered magnetic dipole moment, which is associated with multipolar orders propsed for URud2^Si2.
Physical Review B


Condensed Matter, Correlated electron, Heavy Fermion, magnetic structure


, K. , , L. , Yamani, Z. , L., W. , Garrett, J. , Menovsky, A. , Mydosh, J. and Broholm, C. (2014), Strict Limit on In-Plane Ordered Magnetic Dipole Moment in URu<sub>2</sub>Si<sub>2</sub>, Physical Review B, [online], (Accessed June 18, 2024)


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Created April 17, 2014, Updated February 19, 2017