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Streamlining the Additive Manufacturing Digital Spectrum: A Systems Approach



Duck B. Kim, Paul Witherell, Robert R. Lipman, Shaw C. Feng


Additive Manufacturing (AM) provides great potential for industrial manufacturers who require low volume and functional, highly complex end use products. Given AM's potential, numerous research efforts are underway to reduce the time and improve the quality of the product realization process for additive manufacturing. A major area of opportunity is to complement existing efforts with advancements in end-to-end digital implementations of AM processes. New paradigms are needed to support more efficient and consistent design-to-product transformations. Systematically configured digital implementations would facilitate informational transformations through standard interfaces, streamlining the AM digital spectrum. Here, we propose the development of a federated, information systems architecture for additive manufacturing. The architecture will specify product requirements, the stages of the product realization process, and the interfaces needed to link those stages together. Common data structures and interfaces will allow developers and end users of additive manufacturing technologies to simplify, coordinate, validate, and verify digital end-to-end implementations.
Additive Manufacturing


additive manufacturing, systems engineering, digital thread, information systems architecture


Kim, D. , Witherell, P. , Lipman, R. and Feng, S. (2014), Streamlining the Additive Manufacturing Digital Spectrum: A Systems Approach, Additive Manufacturing, [online], (Accessed April 24, 2024)
Created October 17, 2014, Updated October 12, 2021