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Stray-Light Correction Algorithm for Spectrographs



Steven W. Brown, Bettye C. Johnson, M Feinholz, M Yarbrough, S Flora, Keith R. Lykke, D K. Clark


In this work, we describe an algorithm to correct a spectrograph's response for stray light. Two recursion relations are developed: one to correct the system response when measuring broad-band calibration sources and a second to correct the response when measuring sources of unknown radiance. The algorithm requires a detailed understanding of the effect of stray light in the spectrograph on the instrument's response. using tunable laser sources, a dual spectrograph instrument designed to measure the up-welling radiance in the ocean was characterized for stray light. A stray light correction algorithm was developed, based on the results of the laser-based measurements. The instrument's response was corrected for stray light and the effects on measured up-welling in-water radiance evaluated.
No. 1


and stray light, calibration, CCD, MOBY, ocean color, radiometry, spectrograph


Brown, S. , Johnson, B. , Feinholz, M. , Yarbrough, M. , Flora, S. , Lykke, K. and Clark, D. (2003), Stray-Light Correction Algorithm for Spectrographs, Metrologia (Accessed December 5, 2023)
Created February 1, 2003, Updated February 17, 2017