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Stray light correction algorithm for multi-spectral hyperspectral spectrographs



Michael Feinholz, Stephanie J. Flora, Steven W. Brown, Yuqin Zong, Keith R. Lykke, Mark A. Yarbrough, B. Carol Johnson, D. K. Clark


An algorithm is developed to correct a multi-channel fiber-coupled spectrograph for stray or scattered light within the system. The efficacy of the algorithm is evaluated based on a series of validation measurements of sources with different spectral distributions. This is the first application of a 2-dimensional scattered light correction algorithm to a multi-channel spectrograph. The algorithm, based on characterization measurements using a tunable laser system, can be extended to correct for finite point-spread response in imaging systems.
Applied Optics


correction algorithm, hyperspectral, spectrograph, stray light


Feinholz, M. , Flora, S. , Brown, S. , Zong, Y. , Lykke, K. , Yarbrough, M. , Johnson, B. and Clark, D. (2012), Stray light correction algorithm for multi-spectral hyperspectral spectrographs, Applied Optics (Accessed June 16, 2024)


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Created May 31, 2012, Updated October 12, 2021