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Strategies for Development of a Next-Generation Protein Sequencing Platform



Nicholas Callahan, Jennifer A. Tullman, John P. Marino, Zvi Kelman


Proteomic analysis can be a critical bottleneck in cellular characterization. The current paradigm relies primarily on mass spectrometry of peptides and affinity reagents (i.e. antibodies), both of which require a priori knowledge of the sample. A non-biased protein sequencing method, with a dynamic range that covered the full range of protein concentrations in proteomes, would revolutionize the field of proteomics, allowing a more facile characterization of novel gene products and subcellular complexes. To this end, several new platforms based on single molecule protein-sequencing approaches have been proposed. This review summarizes four of these approaches, highlighting advantages, limitations and challenges for each method towards advancing as a core technology for next generation protein sequencing.
Trends in Biochemical Sciences


Proteomics, Single-molecule analysis, Peptide sequencing
Created January 1, 2020, Updated February 13, 2020