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An STIR Forensic Typing System for Genetic Individualization of Domestic Cat (Felis catus) Samples



M A. Menotti-Raymond, V A. David, L A. Wachter, John Butler, S J. O'Brien


A forensic genotyping panel of 11 tetranucleotide STR loci from the domestic cat was characterized and evaluated for genetic individualization of cat tissues. We first examined 49 candidate STR loci and their frequency assessment in domestic cat populations. The STR loci (3-4 base pair repeat motifs), mapped in the cat genome relative to 579 coding loci and 255 STR loci, are well distributed across the 18 feline autosomes. All loci exhibit Mendelian inheritance in a multi-generation pedigree. Eleven loci were selected for a forensic panel that were unlinked and were highly heterozygous in cat breeds. The 11 STR loci exhibit relatively high heterozygosities with an average composite locus heterozygosity of 0.71 across the 28 breeds (range of 0.57 0.83). Heterozygosities for the 11 independent loci averaged across 28 breeds range from 0.60 0.82, with an average 4.8 alleles per locus/breed. The power of discrimination of the panel is moderate to high in the cat breeds examined, with an average Pm of 3.74E-06. The panel shows good potential for genetic individualization within mixed breed cats with a Pm of 5.31E-08. A multiplex protocol, designed for the co-amplification of the 11 loci and a gender-identifying locus, is species specific and robust, generating a product profile with as little as 0.5 nanograms of genomic DNA.
Journal of Forensic Sciences


cat breeds, domestic cat, forensic typing system, multiplex amplification, STR


Menotti-Raymond, M. , David, V. , Wachter, L. , Butler, J. and O'Brien, S. (2005), An STIR Forensic Typing System for Genetic Individualization of Domestic Cat (Felis catus) Samples, Journal of Forensic Sciences (Accessed April 15, 2024)
Created August 31, 2005, Updated October 15, 2021