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STEP in a Nutshell



Thomas R. Kramer, Xun Xu


This chapter gives an overview of STEP, assuming that the reader may not be familiar with STEP. The chapter gives a short example of an industrial use of STEP. Then it touches briefly on the history and objectives of STEP, followed by the organization of the Parts of STEP. Next, it goes into technical details of (1) information modelling using EXPRESS and EXPRESS-G, (2) data representation using STEP Part 21 files and other methods, (3) theSTEP integrated resources, (4) application profiles (APs), including application activity models (AAMs), application reference models (ARMs), units of functionality (UOFs), application interpreted models (AIMs), application interpreted constructs (AICs), application modules (AMs) and conformance classes, and (5) STEP-NC. The chapter closes with some comments on the future of STEP. There are two appendices at the end; one gives some additional sources of information about STEP, the other two tables of tools for using STEP.
Advanced Design and Manufacturing Based on STEP
Publisher Info
Springer, London, -1


CAD, design, EXPRESS, manufacturing, model, product, STEP, STEP-NC


Kramer, T. and Xu, X. (2009), STEP in a Nutshell, Advanced Design and Manufacturing Based on STEP, Springer, London, -1 (Accessed February 27, 2024)
Created September 29, 2009, Updated February 19, 2017