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Status of a Multiplexed Single Photon On-Demand Source



Alan L. Migdall, Stefania Castelletto, M J. Ware


We present the status of our work implementing a single photon on-demand source based on a multiplexed arrangement of parametricdownconverters. An array of downconverters with multiplexed outputs makes it possible to create light pulses with increased probabiliof containing a single photon, while suppressing the probability of producing more than one photon. This is crucial for quantumcryptographic applications. Our current setup implements the scheme in a greatly simplified manner that produces photons along with ameasure of the likelihood that the photon emitted is just a single photon. This implementation uses a virtual array of downconverters anan array of staggered length optical fibers allowing a single detector to measure a herald photon output by a series of downconverters.This single detector arrangement is a great savings considering the cost of such detectors. The timing of the herald tells us which path thherald took, which in turn, provides information on the single vs. multiphoton probabilities. Our work, so far, shows that the individualcorrelated photon peaks are clearly resolvable with our 2.4 ns delay line steps and the 1 ns FWHM of the correlated photon peaks and twe can observe 4 correlated photon peaks simultaneously, a requirement to fully implement our scheme. Our current efforts are toincrease the brightness and utility of the system for incorporation into a quantum conununication testbed.
Proceedings Title
Quantum Information and Computation, Conference | | Quantum Information and Computation | SPIE
Conference Dates
April 1, 2003
Conference Title
Proceedings of SPIE--the International Society for Optical Engineering


heralded photon, parametric downconversion, quantum communication, quantum cryptography, single photon


Migdall, A. , Castelletto, S. and Ware, M. (2003), Status of a Multiplexed Single Photon On-Demand Source, Quantum Information and Computation, Conference | | Quantum Information and Computation | SPIE, [online], (Accessed April 16, 2024)
Created August 1, 2003, Updated February 17, 2017