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Standards Landscape and Directions for Smart Manufacturing Systems



Yan Lu, Katherine C. Morris, Simon P. Frechette


The future of manufacturing lies in being able to adapt quickly to changing conditions. From smaller lot sizes, to more customization, to sudden changes in supply chain, the variability that manufacturers face is rapidly increasing. The key to enabling more adaptive or smart manufacturing systems is information. Standards are fundamental 1) to providing the right information at the right time and 2) to enabling actions based on that information. This paper provides a review of the standards—a standards landscape—in which future so called smart manufacturing systems will operate. The landscape focuses on standards used to integrate within and across three manufacturing lifecycle dimensions: product, production system, and, enterprise or business. Opportunities and challenges for new standards are discussed. Emerging activities addressing these challenges are presented. This paper will be useful for manufacturing practitioners to understand the standards useful for integrating smart manufacturing technologies with their areas of expertise.
Proceedings Title
Proc. of IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering 2015
Conference Dates
August 23-28, 2015
Conference Location
Gothensburg, -1
Conference Title


Smart manufacturing, Product Lifecycle Management
Created August 24, 2015, Updated February 19, 2017