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Standards for Bullets and Casings



Jun-Feng Song, Theodore V. Vorburger, Robert A. Clary, Eric P. Whitenton, Li Ma, Susan M. Ballou


The National Institute of Standards and Technology is developing reference standards through its Office of Law Enforcement Standards with funding provided by the National Institute of Justice. The standard reference materials are used by crime laboratories to verify that results obtained when using their protocols and methodologies meet legal requirements and that equipment is operating properly. The NIST Reference Materials 8240/8250 standard bullets and casings is an example of materials that will assist laboratories in calibrating their instruments and ensuring quality control. INSIGHT FEATURE public safety communities. Among its sixteen current forensic science programs are projects focusing on computer forensics, high-tech crime investigations, DNA, burn pattern recognition, computer simulations of fire patterns, and support of the PDQ Automotive Paint Database. New SRMs under development relate to the refractive index of glass, drugs of abuse in human serum, blood-alcohol analysis, arson analysis, and gunpowder and pipe bomb residues. The following discussion details the development of the RM 8240 standard bullet.
Materials Today


Optical Imaging


Song, J. , Vorburger, T. , Clary, R. , Whitenton, E. , Ma, L. and Ballou, S. (2002), Standards for Bullets and Casings, Materials Today (Accessed May 27, 2024)


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Created October 31, 2002, Updated October 12, 2021