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Standards for Biomaterials



Stephen W. Freiman, John A. Tesk


This paper is a summary of a workshop session during the Workshop on Biomedical Materials and Devices, held June 13-14, 2001. The workshop is part of a series of workshops and topical meetings organized by NIST in the area of biomedical technology. The workshop complements other recent NIST efforts to make its leadership in standards and measurements more available to the health care industy, which accounts for about 13 % of the U.S. Gross National Product and continues to grow rapidly.This workshop session covered Standards for Biomaterials.
Standards for Biomaterials


biomaterials, biomedical devices, biomedical devices standards, biomedical materials, biomedical materials standards


Freiman, S. and Tesk, J. (2017), Standards for Biomaterials, Standards for Biomaterials (Accessed April 25, 2024)
Created February 19, 2017