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Standardized Cost Structure for the Environmental Industry



Harold E. Marshall, Bryan Skokan, Dan Melamed, Karen Guevara, George Bierman


The underlying key to developing successful estimates, tracking projects costs, and utilizing historical project cost information is the development of standardized and well defined hierarchical listing of cost categories. Committees within OECD/NEA and the U.S. Federal agencies have pioneered efforts towards developing the Environmental Cost Element Structure (ECES), which is key in achieving these goals. The ECES was developed using an interactive process with input from federal agencies and industry. Experts from several disciplines participated including engineers, cost estimators, project/program managers, and contract personnel. The ECES benefits from an intense analytical effort, the knowledge gained from the maturation of the environmental industry, and incorporation of past user's experiences. Building upon this foundation, the E06 committee of the ASTM has now fully developed and published a standard (ASTM 2150-04) which provides standardized cost categories with complete cost category definitions.This standard will afford environmental and nuclear D&D project managers the opportunity to have a well defined hierarchical listing of their estimates and actual costs, readily adapted to performing summations and rollups, supported by multi-level dictionary specifically defining the content of the cost elements as well as the summations. Owing to the dynamic nature of the environmental technologies, efforts need to be made to continue to update this standard by adding new technologies and methods as they are developed and employed in the field.
Proceedings Title
Proceedings| 2006| Waste Management Symposium
Conference Dates
February 26-March 2, 2006
Conference Location
Conference Title
Waste Management Symposium


ASTM, cost estimating, ECES environmental cost elements, environmental remediation, remediation cost elements, structure


Marshall, H. , Skokan, B. , Melamed, D. , Guevara, K. and Bierman, G. (2017), Standardized Cost Structure for the Environmental Industry, Proceedings| 2006| Waste Management Symposium, Undefined (Accessed June 20, 2024)


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Created February 19, 2017