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Stability of Diamond Turning Processes That Use Round Nosed Tools?



David E. Gilsinn, B Balachandran, Matthew A. Davies


In this article, a multi-mode model is developed for a diamond-turning process which takes into account the cutting forces that result from the geometry of the chip area cut by a round nosed tool. These cutting forces are assumed proportional to the uncut chip area. The chip area generated during the cutting action is approximately modeled as a parabolic segment that is a function of the tool feed rate, the depth of cut, and the current and previous tool-displacement histories. This leads to a system of retarded di?erential equations that is studied to determine the stability of the cutting process with respect to parameters such as feed rate, depth of cut, and spindle speed. The results are presented in the form of stability charts. For round nosed tools, these charts are found to be perturbed forms of those obtained for orthogonal cutting tools. Furthermore, for a given ?xed feed rate, the two most signi?cant parameters that a?ect the stability regions are found to be the tool nose radius and the material damping ratio. The predicted stability results are found to be consistent with observations made during experiments. The model formulation, which is fairly general, should be applicable for determining stable parameter values for a wide variety of turning processes. This work also points to the importance of onsidering a multi-mode formulation for high-speed turning processes.
submitted to the ASME Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering.


Diamond turning, Manufacturing Processes, Process modeling


Gilsinn, D. , Balachandran, B. and Davies, M. (2001), Stability of Diamond Turning Processes That Use Round Nosed Tools?, submitted to the ASME Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering., [online], (Accessed February 27, 2024)
Created February 11, 2001, Updated October 12, 2021