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Spin-mechanical coupling of an InAs quantum dot embedded in a mechanical resonator



S G. Carter, A S. Bracker, Garnett W. Bryant, M Kim, C S. Kim, M Zalalutdinov, M. K. Yakes, C Czarnocki, J Casara, M Scheibner, D Gammon


We demonstrate strain-induced coupling between a hole spin in a quantum dot and mechanical motion of a cantilever. The optical transitions of quantum dots integrated into GaAs mechanical resonators are measured synchronously with the motion of the driven resonators. In a Voigt magnetic field, both electron and hole spin splittings are measured, showing negligible change for the electron spin but a large change for the hole spin of up to 36%. This large effect is attributed to the stronger spin orbit interaction and higher effective mass of holes compared to electrons.
Physical Review Letters


spin, quantum dots, mechanical resonators, photoluminescence, g-factor
Created December 14, 2018, Updated February 14, 2019