Spin Dynamics in the Time and Frequency Domain

Published: September 15, 2012


Thomas J. Silva


The current status of experimental approaches to analyze the spin wave dynamics in ferromagnetic nanoscale structures is reviewed. Recent developments in frequency- and field swept spectroscopy to determine the resonant response of nanoscale ferromagnets are described together with time-resolved measurements in the GHz frequency and pico second time domain, respectively. Examples for the analysis and manipulation of different mechanisms for the relaxation of the magnetization after microwave excitation into its ground state are presented.
Citation: Springer Tracts in Modern Physics: Magnetic Nanostructures, Spin Dynamics and Spin Transport
Volume: 246
Publisher Info: Springer Verlag GmbH, Heidelberg, -1
Pub Type: Book Chapters
Created September 15, 2012, Updated November 10, 2018