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Spin Dependence of Electronic Surface Resonance Scattering from W(100)



Daniel T. Pierce, Robert Celotta, G Wang, E McRae


In polarized low energy electron diffraction (PLEED) from W(100) at energies of 2 to 9 eV and incident angles 15 degrees < θ < 45 degrees, we observe a spin-splitting of the resonance sequence of peaks which converge on the (01) beam threshold. For θ > 26 degrees the peak splitting to peak width ratio is approximately constant while for decreasing θ{less than or equal to} 26 degrees it increases. An anomalous spin-up-only peak appears at small θ. The nature of the spin dependent splitting is discussed within the four-beam layer multiple scattering approximation.
Solid State Communications


Pierce, D. , Celotta, R. , Wang, G. and McRae, E. (1981), Spin Dependence of Electronic Surface Resonance Scattering from W(100), Solid State Communications (Accessed December 6, 2023)
Created January 1, 1981, Updated February 19, 2017