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Spin Correlations in the Geometrically Frustrated Pyrochlore Tb2Mo2O7



D. K. Singh, J. S. Helton, S. Chu, T. Han, C. Bonnoit, Sung Chang, Hye J. Kang, Jeffrey W. Lynn, Y. S. Lee


We report neutron scattering studies of the spin correlations of the geometrically frustrated py- rochlore Tb2Mo2O7using single crystal samples. Elastic diffuse peaks are observed at low temperatures, indicating short-range ordering of the Tb3+ moments. The local order is described by a model in which the Tb3+ moments are rotated from the preferred directions of the ordered "spin ice" structure, with different correlation lengths along the different symmetry directions. At higher temperatures, a Q-independent signal is observed which likely originates from frozen, but completely uncorrelated, Tb moments. Inelastic measurements reveal the absence of sharp peaks due to crystal field excitations. These data shed light on how the physics of the Tb-sublattice of Tb2Mo2O7 fits within the family of other Tb-based and Mo-based pyrochlores.
Physical Review Letters


neutron scattering, magnetic frustration, pyrochlore, spin ice, crystal fields


Singh, D. , Helton, J. , Chu, S. , Han, T. , Bonnoit, C. , Chang, S. , Kang, H. , Lynn, J. and Lee, Y. (2008), Spin Correlations in the Geometrically Frustrated Pyrochlore Tb<sub>2</sub>Mo<sub>2</sub>O<sub>7</sub>, Physical Review Letters (Accessed June 14, 2024)


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Created December 30, 2008, Updated October 12, 2021