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Spin and Energy Analyzed Secondary Electron Emission from a Ferromagnet



John Unguris, Daniel T. Pierce, A Galejs, Robert Celotta


Measurements are presented of the energy dependence of the spin polarization of low-energy (0.5-25 eV) secondary electrons when a 500-eV primary beam is incident on an iron-based ferromagnetic glass. The polarization of the lowest-energy electrons is found to correspond to the net valence-band spin density. Possible causes for the observed decrease in polarization with increasing secondary energy are discussed. The results demostrate a mechanism for measuring surface magnetic structure with very high spatial resolution of scanning electron microscopy.
Physical Review Letters


Unguris, J. , Pierce, D. , Galejs, A. and Celotta, R. (1982), Spin and Energy Analyzed Secondary Electron Emission from a Ferromagnet, Physical Review Letters (Accessed March 3, 2024)
Created July 4, 1982, Updated October 12, 2021