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Spin and Charge Interconversion in Dirac-Semimetal Thin Films



Wilson Yanez, Yongxi Ou, Run Xiao, Jahyun Koo, Jacob T. Held, Supriya Ghosh, Jeffrey Rable, Timothy Pillsbury, Enrique Gonzalez Delgado, Kezhou Yang, Juan Chamorro, Alexander Grutter, Patrick Quarterman, Anthony Richardella, Abhronil Sengupta, Tyrel M. McQueen, Julie Borchers, K. A. Mkhoyan, Binghai Yan, Nitin Samarth


We report spin-to-charge and charge-to-spin conversion at room temperature in heterostructure devices that interface an archetypal Dirac semimetal, Cd3As2, with a metallic ferromagnet,Ni0.80Fe0.20 (permalloy). The spin-charge interconversion is detected by both spin torque ferromagnetic resonance and ferromagnetic resonance driven spin pumping. Analysis of the symmetric and anti-symmetric components of the mixing voltage in spin torque ferromagnetic resonance and the frequency and power dependence of the spin pumping signal show that the behavior of these processes is consistent with previously reported spin-charge interconversion mechanisms in heavy metals, topological insulators, and Weyl semimetals. We find that the efficiency of spin-charge interconversion in Cd3As2/permalloy bilayers can be comparable to that in heavy metals. We discuss the underlying mechanisms by comparing our results with first principles calculations.
Physical Review Applied


Topology, Spin Orbit Torque, Magnetism, Thin Films, Neutron Reflectometry


Yanez, W. , Ou, Y. , Xiao, R. , Koo, J. , Held, J. , Ghosh, S. , Rable, J. , Pillsbury, T. , Gonzalez Delgado, E. , Yang, K. , Chamorro, J. , Grutter, A. , Quarterman, P. , Richardella, A. , Sengupta, A. , McQueen, T. , Borchers, J. , Mkhoyan, K. , Yan, B. and Samarth, N. (2021), Spin and Charge Interconversion in Dirac-Semimetal Thin Films, Physical Review Applied (Accessed April 21, 2024)
Created November 15, 2021, Updated November 29, 2022