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Speed-Measuring Device Performance Specifications: Radar Module



A G. Lieberman


Technical requirements and verification procedures are presented which define a baseline for acceptable traffic radar device performance. Manufacturers are encouraged to produce radar models that meet or exceed these performance specifications; equipment buyers are encouraged to use these performance specifications to develop purchasing criteria. As a result, traffic officers, citizens and courts should be assured that radar models determined to comply with these specifications will provide the high quality of service they require.
DOT-Highway Safety and/or NIST Interagency Report


accuracy, doppler radar, electromagnetic interference, environmental limits, microwave transmission, performance criteria, speed-measurement, traffic safety, tuning fork calibration.


Lieberman, A. (2008), Speed-Measuring Device Performance Specifications: Radar Module, DOT-Highway Safety and/or NIST Interagency Report (Accessed June 14, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008