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Spectrum of Singly-Ionized Cesium (Cs II)



Craig J. Sansonetti, K L. Andrew


We measured the spectrum of cesium emitted by a pulsed radio-frequency discharge in the region 1550 to 40 000 using concave grating spectrographs, Fabry-Perot interferometry, and Fourier transform spectroscopy. By varying the operating parameters of the discharge, we identified approximately 1700 of the more than 3000 spectral lines observed in this region as belonging to the spectrum of singly-ionized cesium (Cs II). Of these, 1683 were classified as transitions among 118 even and 165 odd energy levels. Partially or fully resolved hyperfine structure was analyzed for 579 lines.
Physica Scripta


atomic spectra, cesium, classified spectral lines, Fabry-Perot interferometry, Fourier transform spectroscopy, grating spectroscopy, wavelengths


Sansonetti, C. and Andrew, K. (2008), Spectrum of Singly-Ionized Cesium (Cs II), Physica Scripta (Accessed July 22, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008