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Spectrum and Energy Levels of the Nd4+ Free Ion (Nd V)



Ali Meftah, J-F Wyart, Jocelyne Sinzelle, Wan-U Lydia Tchang-Brillet, Norbert Champion, Nissan Spector, J Sugar


The spectrum of neodymium excited by a sliding spark source was photographed on two vacuum ultraviolet normal-incidence spectrographs. About 250 lines attributed to Nd V, hitherto unknown, have been identified. The analysis of this spectrum established all the energy levels of the configuration 4f^2, 4f5d, 4f6s and 4f6p (except for 4f^2^1 S_0). Altogether, 48 known levels classify about 160 lines. Their theoretical calculation includes a least-squares fit with an rms error of 28 cm^-1 for the even parity levels of 26 cm^-1 for the odd parity ones, as well as best values for the relevant radial interaction parameters. In particular, interactions with the core-excited configurations 5p^5 4f^3 and 5p^5 4f^2 5d are discussed. Intensities derived from phosphor image plates are used to estimate an effective temperature in the spark of T_eff - 3.6 eV.
Physica Scripta


emission spectrum, energy levels, fits, free-ion, parametric, triply ionized, wavelengths


Meftah, A. , Wyart, J. , Sinzelle, J. , Tchang-Brillet, W. , Champion, N. , Spector, N. and Sugar, J. (2021), Spectrum and Energy Levels of the Nd<sup>4+</sup> Free Ion (Nd V), Physica Scripta (Accessed June 17, 2024)


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Created October 12, 2021