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Spectroscopy and Thermometry of Drumhead Modes in a Mesoscopic Trapped-Ion Crystal Using Entanglement



Brian C. Sawyer, Joseph W. Britton, Adam Keith, C.-C Joseph Wang, James K. Freericks, Hermann Uys, Michael Biercuk, John J. Bollinger


We demonstrate a method of sensitive detection and thermometry of individual modes in cold (sim1 mK), planar one-component ion plasmas. Exploiting precise control over the valence electron spins of several hundred crystallized 9Be+ confined in a Penning trap, we apply a homogeneous, spin-dependent optical dipole force to excite arbitrary transverse modes with an effective wavelength approaching the interparticle spacing (sim20 mum). Coherent mode excitations as small as 2 nm are detected via entanglement of spin and motional degrees of freedom. Fits to resolved spectra yield individual mode temperatures, facilitating more detailed characterization of plasma heating. Measured mode frequencies are in excellent agreement with those obtained from theory.
Physical Review Letters


non-neutral plasmas, one-component plasmas, quantum entanglement, transverse plasma modes


Sawyer, B. , Britton, J. , Keith, A. , , C. , Freericks, J. , Uys, H. , Biercuk, M. and Bollinger, J. (2012), Spectroscopy and Thermometry of Drumhead Modes in a Mesoscopic Trapped-Ion Crystal Using Entanglement, Physical Review Letters, [online], (Accessed July 24, 2024)


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Created May 25, 2012, Updated February 19, 2017