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Spectroradiometric Characterization of the NIST Pulsed Solar Simulator



Howard W. Yoon, Brian P. Dougherty, Vladimir Khromchenko


The spectroradiometric characterization of the NIST indoor pulsed solar simulator is described. The solar simulator has a flash duration of 36.4 ms and is designed for solar panels having a maximum size of 2.0 m by 1.6 m. As per industry standards, the performance of the solar simulator is evaluated on the basis of three criteria: spatial uniformity, temporal stability, and spectral irradiance. Results from evaluating the NIST solar simulator on all three criteria is reported, but a greater focus is given to the spectral characterization. Reported spectral irradiance measurements were made using a high-speed, diode-array spectroradiometer that was calibrated using NIST standards. An uncertainty analysis of the spectral irradiance measurements is developed, and the extent that the calibrated spectroradiometer can be used to improve solar module measurements is explored.
Proceedings Title
spie 7410
Conference Dates
August 3-7, 2009
Conference Location
San Diego, CA


Photovoltaic Calibrations, Pulsed Solar Simulator, Solar Cells, Solar Modules, Spectral Irradiance
Created August 20, 2009, Updated February 19, 2017