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Spectral response measurements of multijunction solar cells with low shunt resistance and breakdown voltages



Behrang H. Hamadani, Juan P. Babaro, Kevin G. West


Spectral response measurements of germanium-based triple-junction solar cells were performed under a variety of light and voltage bias conditions. Two of the three junctions exhibited voltage and light bias dependent artifacts in their measured responses. To obtain more insight into the observed phenomena, a set of current-voltage measurement combinations were also performed on the solar cells under identical illumination conditions and the data were used in the context of a diode-based analytical model to calculate and predict the spectral response behavior of each junction as a function of voltage. The analysis revealed that both low shunt resistance and low breakdown voltages in two of the three junctions influenced the behavior of all three junctions, two of them in significant ways. The data and the modeling suggest that combination of current-voltage measurements under various light bias sources can reveal important information about the spectral response behavior in these devices.
Energy Science and Engineering


solar cells, multijunction solar cells, photovoltaics, measurement, energy, spectral response
Created October 25, 2016, Updated February 19, 2017