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Spectral Power and Irradiance Response Calibration of InSb Working Standard Radiometers



George P. Eppeldauer, M Racz


Fires and second generation InSb radiometers have been developed and characterized to hold the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) spectral response scale between 2 um and 5.4 um. The InSb working standard radiometers were calibrated against the transfer standard cryogenic bolometer that is tied to the primary standard cyrogenic radiometer of NIST. All the infrared detector characterizations and calibrations were made on the Ambient Infrared Spectral Comparator Facility (IRSCF) of NIST. The working standard InSb radiometers were substituted for the cryogenic bolometer at the output of the IRSCF infrared monochromator. The known area apertures in front of the InSb detectors were always underfilled by the f/4 output beam of the monochromator. The spectral irradiance response of the working standard InSb radiometers was derived from their own spectral power response.
Applied Optics


calibration, detector, infrared, irradiance, radiant power, response scale, spectral response, working standard


Eppeldauer, G. and Racz, M. (2008), Spectral Power and Irradiance Response Calibration of InSb Working Standard Radiometers, Applied Optics (Accessed March 1, 2024)
Created October 16, 2008