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Spectral Fluorescence Measurements



Paul C. DeRose, Joanne C. Zwinkels, James Leland


This chapter covers the topic of spectral fluorescence measurements. These fluorescence measurements offer significant advantages in terms of sensitivity and selectivity, finding wide use in a range of applications in analytical and color technologies. The accurate measurement of fluorescent optical quantities, such as spectral excitation and emission curves and quantum yields has become increasingly important because of the increasing use of fluorescent materials in manufacturing for enhancing appearance, e.g. whiteness, brightness, colorfulness, conspicuity and for bioanalytical applications, e.g. medical diagnostics. Conventional spectrophotometric instrumentation and procedures do not always give meaningful results because the measured spectral fluorescence will depend not only on the intrinsic optical properties of the fluorescent sample but are strongly influenced by the instrument characteristics and its interaction with the sample and its environment. The extent of this distortion depends on the details of the instrument design.
Spectrophotometry: Accurate Measurement of Optical Properties of Materials
Publisher Info
Academic Press, Burlington, MA


calibration, fluorescence, instrument qualification, method validation, spectral correction, spectrometer


DeRose, P. , Zwinkels, J. and Leland, J. (2014), Spectral Fluorescence Measurements, Spectrophotometry: Accurate Measurement of Optical Properties of Materials, Academic Press, Burlington, MA (Accessed July 21, 2024)


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Created July 7, 2014, Updated March 21, 2017