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Solid State Lighting Annex 2013 Interlaboratory Comparison Final Report



Yoshihiro Ohno


The Interlaboratory Comparison, IC2013, for measurement of solid state lighting (SSL) products was conducted by International Energy Agency (IEA) 4E SSL Annex between October 2012 and August 2013. 55 laboratories from 18 countries participated in this intercomparison for comparing measurements of photometric, colorimetric, and electrical quantities of several different types of SSL products. In addition, 35 laboratories' data from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) SSL proficiency testing (PT) program and 21 laboratories' results from the Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC) proficiency test T088, are linked to IC2013, to make it a comparison of total 123 laboratories' results. Measurements of luminous flux, luminous efficacy, active power,RMS current, power factor, chromaticity x, y, correlated color temperature, color rendering index were compared. IC2013 was also designed so that the results can be recognized as proficiency testing for SSL testing accreditation programs worldwide. The differences of participants results from the reference values as well as z' and En numbers are presented, and problems and findings observed from the results are discussed.
IEA 4E SSL Annex


Interlaboratory comparison, solid state lighting, LED lamp, LED luminaire, accreditation, proficiency testing


Ohno, Y. (2014), Solid State Lighting Annex 2013 Interlaboratory Comparison Final Report, IEA 4E SSL Annex, [online],, (Accessed April 16, 2024)
Created October 9, 2014, Updated February 19, 2017