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Software Defined Networking (SDN) Enhanced Edge Computing: A Network Centric Survey



An Wang, Zili Zha, Yang Guo, Songqing Chen


Edge Computing is burgeoning along with the rapidly increasing adoption of the Internet-of- Things (IoT). While there are studies on various aspects of Edge Computing, we find there is a lack of network perspective. In this paper, we thus first present an overview of how Software Defined Networking (SDN) and related technologies are being investigated in Edge Computing. Our purpose is to survey the-state-of-art and discuss the potential (remaining) challenges for the future research. For this, we survey how SDN and related technologies are integrated to facilitate the management and operations of edge servers and various IoT devices. For the former, we review how SDN has been utilized in the access network, the core network, and the wide area network (WAN) between the edge and the cloud. For the latter, we focus on how SDN is leveraged to provide unified and programmable interfaces to manage devices. Through our discussion, we suggest that the SDN related network support for Edge Computing deserves more in-depth investigation, and identify several challenges and open issues to be addressed in the future.
Proceedings of the IEEE


edge computing, software defined networking (SDN), IoT, NFV, Mobile Edge Computing
Created May 28, 2019, Updated May 6, 2020