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A Smart Transducer Interface Standard for Sensors and Actuators



Kang B. Lee


A set of common transducer interfaces has been defined in the family of IEEE 1451, standards for connecting sensors and actuators to microprocessors, control and field networks, and instrumentation systems. The standards also defined the Trans-ducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS), which allows the self-identification of sensors. The interfaces provide standardized methods to facilitate the ?plug and play? of sensors to networks and instrumentation systems. The network-independent smart transducer object model defined by IEEE 1451.1 allows sensor manufacturers to support multiple networks and protocols. In order to fulfill the needs of various industries and user require-ments, four other standards in the family support various physi-cal interface requirements for connecting sensors and actuators through the IEEE P1451.2, P1451.3, P14514, and P1451.5 specifications. In the long run, transducer vendors and users, system integrators, and network providers can all benefit from the IEEE 1451 interface standards and the associated enabling technologies.
CRC Handbook of Industrial Information Technology


IEEE 1451, NCAP, network capable application processor, sensor interface standard, sensor networking, smart sensor, TEDS, transducer electronic data sheet, wireless sensor


Lee, K. (2004), A Smart Transducer Interface Standard for Sensors and Actuators, CRC Handbook of Industrial Information Technology, [online], (Accessed July 18, 2024)


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Created January 1, 2004, Updated February 19, 2017