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Small Particle Driven Chain Disentanglements in Polymer Nanocomposites



Erkan NMN Senses, Siyam M. Ansar, Christopher L. Kitchens, Yimin NMN Mao, Suresh Narayanan, Bharath NMN Natarajan, Antonio Faraone


Using neutron spin-echo spectroscopy, X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy and bulk rheology, we studied the effect of particle size on the single chain dynamics, particle mobility, and bulk viscosity in athermal polyethylene oxide-gold nanoparticle composites. The result reveal a {approximately equal} 25 % increase of the reptation tube diameter with addition of nanoparticles smaller than entanglement mesh size ({approximately equal}5 nm), at a volume fraction of 20%. The tube diameter remains unchanged in composite with large nanoparticles at the same loading. In any case, the Rouse dynamics is insensitive to particle size. These results provide a direct experimental observation of particle size driven disentanglements that can cause non-Einstein-like viscosity trends often observed in polymer nanocompsites.
Physical Review Letters


polymer nanocomposites, gold nanoparticles, tube dilation, disentanglements, Rouse dynamics, reptation, xpcs, rheology, viscosity reduction


, E. , , S. , , C. , , Y. , Narayanan, S. , , B. and Faraone, A. (2017), Small Particle Driven Chain Disentanglements in Polymer Nanocomposites, Physical Review Letters, [online], (Accessed May 22, 2024)


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Created April 5, 2017, Updated October 18, 2017