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Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Characterization of SrCl2-ENG Composite for Thermochemical Heat Storage



Anastasiia Karabanova, Kenneth D. Knudsen, Perizat Berdiyeva, Leide P. Cavalcanti, Yun Liu, Michel van der Pal, Stefano Deledda, Didier Blanchard


This work presents an in-situ nanoscale structural characterization of the composite material SrCl2-Expanded Natural Graphite (ENG) during ammonia absorption and desorption, using small angle neutron scattering (SANS) together with X-ray powder diffraction and sorption measurements. For the processing of the composite material SANS patterns, we developed and implemented two methods, which showed comparable results. The study allowed following the evolution of the SrCl2 particles and the nanopores inside the particles during five sorption cycles. The structural changes were compared to the absorption and desorption kinetic measurements, allowing to make qualitative analysis of the impact of the structural changes on the material properties, such as thermal conductivity and permeability. It was shown that the structural evolution of the composite material did not affect the desorption rate but significantly influenced the absorption rate after the first cycle. We also observed a significant improvement of absorption kinetics due to the formation of nanopores in the fully deammoniated sample. In addition, the ENG matrix was shown to hinder the agglomeration of the SrCl2 particles during sorption processes, which is in contrast to the results for the metal halide reported before.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces


small angle neutron scattering, heat storage, graphite, ammonia, adsorption


Karabanova, A. , Knudsen, K. , Berdiyeva, P. , Cavalcanti, L. , Liu, Y. , van der Pal, M. , Deledda, S. and Blanchard, D. (2021), Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Characterization of SrCl<sub>2</sub>-ENG Composite for Thermochemical Heat Storage, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (Accessed June 20, 2024)


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Created July 27, 2021, Updated November 29, 2022