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Size-Dependent Structural Distortions



Michael D. Anderson, Colby L. Heideman, Qiyin Lin, Mary Smeller, Robert S. Kokenyesi, Andrew A. Herzing, Ian M. Anderson, Douglas A. Keszler, Paul Zschack, David C. Johnson


Recently we reported that intergrowth compounds [(MSe)1+y]m(TSe2)n, with M = {Pb, Bi Ce} and T = {W, Nb, Ta} self assemble from designed precursors. The values of m and n represent, respectively, the number of MSe and TSe2 structural units of the unit cell of the superstructure and y describes the misfit between these structural units. As reported herein, the long range structural order along the modulation direction permits us to determine the atomic structure of these precisely defined one-dimensional (1D) nanolaminate structures as a function of m and n using a combination of scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) high-angle annular dark field (HAADF) imaging and x-ray diffraction (XRD) with Rietveld refinement.
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition


chalcogenides, inorganic synthesis, hybrid materials, nanomaterials, composites
Created January 7, 2013, Updated November 10, 2018