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In Situ Testing and Calibrating of Z-Piezo of an Atomic Force Microscope



Joseph Fu


By scanning a slightly tilted, smooth surface with an atomic force microscope (AFM), it is possible to obtain hysteresis loops which contain information on the nonlinearity and hysteresis in the z axis of the AFM''s piezoelectric actuator. A 15% variation in vertical sensitivity was revealed by this PZT tube during vertical scans ranging in amplitude between 0.4 and 2.5 ?m, which could result in a high level of uncertainty in a vertical measurement. Therefore a separate vertical measuring system or a correction scheme is required for a precise and accurate measurement.
Review Scientific Instruments


Fu, J. (1995), In Situ Testing and Calibrating of Z-Piezo of an Atomic Force Microscope, Review Scientific Instruments (Accessed November 30, 2023)
Created July 1, 1995, Updated February 19, 2017