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In situ stress measurement during hydrogen sorption and desorption on Pd overlayers deposited on (111) textured Au



Jae W. Shin, Ugo Bertocci, Gery R. Stafford


The stress behavior of hydrogen adsorption/absorption into Pd layers electrodeposited on (111)-textured gold has been examined in alkaline solution. Although the kinetics are much slower than in acidic solution, the stress induced by H adsorption and absorption is very similar. Hydrogen adsorption causes a -0.46 N/m change in the surface stress. Although compressive stress generation is contrary to absorbate-induced charge redistribution models that appear in the literature, it is consistent with first principle calculations as well as experimental data for hydrogen on Pt. Hydrogen absorption causes GPa-level compressive stress in the Pd due to the large volume expansion associated with the α-PdH to β-PdH phase transition. Although some indication of plastic deformation during hydride formation was observed, the large tensile coherency stress due to the +4.9% lattice misfit between Pd and Au keeps the hydride cycle in the elastic regime. The stress measurement probes only those processes concerned with adsorption and absorption. Since the wafer curvature measurement responds directly to the volumetric strain induced by hydrogen incorporation and is insensitive to the parasitic reactions, it serves as a nice complement to the more traditional electroanalytical techniques for studying hydrogen absorption kinetics.
Journal of Physical Chemistry


Shin, J. , Bertocci, U. and Stafford, G. (2011), In situ stress measurement during hydrogen sorption and desorption on Pd overlayers deposited on (111) textured Au, Journal of Physical Chemistry, [online], (Accessed July 20, 2024)


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Created April 27, 2011, Updated October 12, 2021