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In Situ Back-Contact Passivation Improves Photovoltage and Fill Factor in Perovskite Solar Cells



Lee J. Richter, Ahmad R. Kirmani, Furui Tan, Hairen Tan, Wei Mingyang, Makhsud I. Saidaminov, Mengxia Liu, Mei Anyi, Peicheng Li, Chih-Shan Tan, Xiwen Gong, Yongbiao Zhao, Ziru Huang, James Z. Fan, Rafael Quintero-Bermudez, Kim Junghwan, Yicheng Zhao, Oleksandr Voznyy, Zheng-Hong Lu, Weifeng Zhang, Edward H. Sargent, Bowen Zhang, Yueye Gao, Feng Zhang


Organic–inorganic hybrid perovskite solar cells (PSCs) have seen a rapid rise in power conversion efficiencies in recent years; however, they still suffer from interfacial recombination and charge extraction losses at interfaces between the perovskite absorber and the charge–transport layers. Here, in situ backcontact passivation (BCP) that reduces interfacial and extraction losses between the perovskite absorber and the hole transport layer (HTL) is reported. A thin layer of nondoped semiconducting polymer at the perovskite/HTL interface is introduced and it is shown that the use of the semiconductor polymer permits—in contrast with previously studied insulator-based passivants—the use of a relatively thick passivating layer. It is shown that a flat-band alignment between the perovskite and polymer passivation layers achieves a high photovoltage and fill factor: the resultant BCP enables a photovoltage of 1.15 V and a fill factor of 83% in 1.53 eV bandgap PSCs, leading to an efficiency of 21.6% in planar solar cells.
Advanced Materials


photovoltaic, solar, thin film, perovskite, contact


Richter, L. , Kirmani, A. , Tan, F. , Tan, H. , Mingyang, W. , Saidaminov, M. , Liu, M. , Anyi, M. , Li, P. , Tan, C. , Gong, X. , Zhao, Y. , Huang, Z. , Fan, J. , Quintero-Bermudez, R. , Junghwan, K. , Zhao, Y. , Voznyy, O. , Lu, Z. , Zhang, W. , Sargent, E. , Zhang, B. , Gao, Y. and Zhang, F. (2019), In Situ Back-Contact Passivation Improves Photovoltage and Fill Factor in Perovskite Solar Cells, Advanced Materials, [online], (Accessed April 18, 2024)
Created February 10, 2019, Updated April 14, 2020