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Single-Source Multiaxis Cold-Atom Interferometer in a Centimeter-Scale Cell



Yun Jhih Chen, Azure L. Hansen, Gregory W. Hoth, Eugene Ivanov, John E. Kitching, Elizabeth A. Donley


Using the technique of point source atom interferometry, we characterize the sensitivity of a multi-axis gyroscope based on free-space Raman interrogation of a single source of cold atoms in a glass vacuum cell. The instrument simultaneously measures the acceleration in the direction of the Raman laser beams and the rotation vector in the plane perpendicular to that direction. The sensitivities for the magnitude and direction of the rotation vector measurement are 0.0334 °/s and 0.266° with one second averaging time, respectively. The numbers are primarily constrained by the short Raman interrogation time used in this work. The rotation vector measurement in a plane may have applications in tracking the precession of a rotation vector with atom interferometry.
Physical Review Applied


atom interferometer, point source atom interferometry, gyroscope
Created July 11, 2019, Updated October 1, 2019